How Do I Choose the Best Appointment Reminder?

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Choosing the best appointment reminder will depend upon its use and purpose. When comparing different appointment reminder systems, a person must determine whether the system will be for personal use, or used to remind other individuals of their appointments. An appointment reminder system that is used by a doctor's office to remind patients of an upcoming appointment, for example, will vary greatly from a reminder system that is simply used to help a person better organize his or her own schedule.

When choosing an appointment reminder system, it is important that one consider all of the different methods that the system can use to remind the users or clients of their appointments. Many systems can send out reminders through email, text message, or automated phone calls. For a person who is looking for a simple reminder, a basic online calendar can send the user an email that will inform him or her about the upcoming appointment. Those in need of an appointment reminder for commercial applications can implement systems that allow multiple reminders to be sent to clients repeatedly through multiple delivery channels, such as text message reminders or phone messages.


Many of the appointment reminders for personal use come with a standard interface. These reminders allow users to input not only upcoming appointments, but also upcoming birthdays, events, and meetings all within the same program. The more popular programs also allow the user to upload additional documents and materials that are associated with an upcoming appointment. This feature offers increased convenience as users can upload any documents that are needed for a particular meeting and be able to access them at any time.

For commercial appointment reminders, users can upload a list of their existing customers and as new appointments are scheduled the system will automatically send reminders to these customers in a variety of ways. This feature is extremely useful for businesses that schedule customers on a regular basis such as doctor's offices or hair salons. A commercial appointment reminder system of this magnitude also gives its users the ability to create detailed reports regarding the number of customers who were contacted as well as the number of customers who either confirmed or canceled their appointments. In addition to detailed reports, commercial appointment reminders also allow appointment data to be shared amongst multiple parties, which ensures that everyone has access to the most updated information.


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