How Do I Choose the Best Antiseptic Wipes?

Kristeen Moore

Antiseptic wipes are a convenient and effective way to kill germs. This solution for fighting bacteria and viruses is also convenient to take with you to use on yourself and others while on the go. The best antiseptic wipes generally contain active ingredients that are proven to kill germs. Chlorhexidine, hydrogen peroxide, and povidone-iodine are all examples.

Antiseptic wipes.
Antiseptic wipes.

Topical antiseptic products work by killing potentially harmful bacteria and viruses. Some products contain alcohol, a common type of antiseptic. Antiseptic wipes most commonly contain other ingredients that kill germs, including hydrogen peroxide. The wipes help control the amount of ingredients that are used on your skin to help to minimize reactions.

Antiseptic may be applied to cuts and wounds.
Antiseptic may be applied to cuts and wounds.

Antiseptic wipes have the sole purpose of killing germs that can make you sick, or cause infections. Medical offices and businesses use antiseptics as a way to keep staff safe, while preventing the spread of germs between patients and clients. This is an effective way to try and stop a particular illness.

The wipes can also be used to help prevent an infection in a minor wound, such as a cut. Users may apply the wipe to the wound and gently wipe the area clean of germs prior to bandaging the area. This is a convenient solution if soap and water are unavailable.

There are other forms of antiseptic wipes that contain ingredients dubbed as “all natural.” Manufacturers may claim that natural ingredients are just as effective as chemical ones at killing germs. Plus, natural antiseptic wipes are purportedly safer to use.

Eucalyptus extract is one example of a natural ingredient that has antiseptic properties. Medical doctors generally don’t recommend eucalyptus as an ingredient to destroy bacteria and viruses, because the effectiveness is not scientifically sound. Although eucalyptus-containing antiseptic wipes are likely tested before produced, some people might have skin reactions to them.

Aside from ingredients, there are other factors to consider when comparing wipes. Convenience is a top priority in any busy family. Some brands make small versions of their products that are easy to travel with in your briefcase, purse, or backpack.

Scent is another factor that can make or break a brand of wipes. Some antiseptic solutions are unscented, while others come with a light scent, such as lemon. You might consider avoiding scented wipes if you have sensitive skin.

When choosing antiseptic wipes, make sure you read all ingredients of the product labels and compare. No one brand offers the most elite antiseptic wipe. In fact, brands that use the same ingredients are often commensurate. Once you get used to a brand you like that contains active ingredients, you can be assured that you are using effective antiseptics on a regular basis.

Antiseptic wipes can be applied to minor cuts before bandaging the area.
Antiseptic wipes can be applied to minor cuts before bandaging the area.

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