How do I Choose the Best Antenna Mount?

Malcolm Tatum

An antenna mount is part of the basic equipment necessary to successfully position and secure an antenna in place. Just about any type of antenna will require some sort of mount, including outdoor television antennas, vehicle antennas, and radio and microwave antennas that are commonly associated with communication equipment. When choosing the right antenna mount, there are three factors to keep in mind: size, type, and cost.

Most types of antennas require some form of mount.
Most types of antennas require some form of mount.

In terms of size, the antenna mount must be large enough to provide a solid foundation for the positioning of the antenna. For example, a smaller TV antenna that is relatively simple in design will require a smaller mount. If the device is larger, the antenna installation will call for something that offers a wider base and thus can support the dimensions of the antenna with greater ease. Depending on the antenna design, the mount may require a single screw that makes it possible to secure the body of a small mount, or require up to eight screws in order to hold the body of a rectangular or square mount in position.

The type of antenna mount needed for the job is also an important consideration. Some mounts are designed for use as part of a motorized system that makes it possible to redirect the antenna with ease. Others are simple devices intended to securely mount the antenna to a smooth surface. There are also mounts that make it possible to mount the antenna on a rough surface, or vertically rather than horizontally. Along with using a mount that is the right size, choosing the antenna mount based on where the antenna will be mounted is very important is extremely important.

Don’t overlook cost as a factor when selecting the best antenna mount. Many antenna manufacturers also produce mounts and antenna studs that are designed especially for their products. There are also a number of manufacturers that create generic mounts that will work with everything from a whip antenna to a spiral antenna. Check out the pricing on these generic mounts, and take some time to find out about the quality they offer. Assuming that the quality is comparable to that of the more expensive mount offered by the antenna manufacturer, you can save a little money and still securely mount the antenna wherever you like.

While many types of antennas are sold with equipment like studs, coaxial cables, and mounts, these may or may not be exactly what is necessary to properly secure the antenna in the position you have in mind. By checking local hardware stores, electronics shops, and other retailers that sell various types of antennas, you can usually find exactly what you need. Keep in mind that while some brands of mounts are expensive, there are also a number of options that are priced to fit even a tight budget.

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