How do I Choose the Best Anabolic Cycle?

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An anabolic cycle is an exercise and diet routine that combines mass-building training techniques with nutritional supplements. The routine should focus on four main areas, which are training, diet, anabolic supplements, and rest. When choosing an anabolic cycle, it is important to ensure the routine and nutrition program is designed to stimulate muscle growth. This can best be done with supplements that help the body recover faster from intense training. The best programs ensure intensity during training while allowing enough time for recovery.

There are many approaches to developing muscle and power. These techniques range from strict strength training exercises to compound cardio routines. An anabolic cycle should include a standard strength-building exercise program for a specific duration. During this program, it is important to remain consistent with exercise, diet, and recovery plans. This keeps the body in an anabolic state for several weeks.

One of the strongest anabolic supplements is testosterone. This supplement stimulates muscle growth. It helps the body recover from intense training and grow lean muscle mass. There are several supplements available today that assist the body in producing testosterone.

Many bodybuilders use steroids as supplements to gain lean muscle. These drugs are typically cycled for several weeks. The best anabolic cycle with steroids includes a mix of testosterone with mass-building supplements. This causes the body to grow extremely fast, but also has severe side effects for the kidneys and liver.


Protein is important for gaining muscle mass. This supplement helps the body grow faster after an intense exercise routine. An anabolic cycle should include daily protein supplements. By ingesting additional protein within 30 minutes of completing an exercise routine, an individual can increase the anabolic effects of exercise and recovery.

Bodybuilding is a delicate balance between the destroying and growing muscle tissue. Each time the weightlifter exercises, he tears muscle fibers that must be healed and replenished. By adding nutrients, supplements, and water, the bodybuilder can create an anabolic state. This will assist him in recovery, which enables better workouts and potentially faster muscle growth.

Diet and vitamins are two of the most important factors for creating an anabolic state. An athlete should monitor his daily intake of protein, fats, carbohydrates, and vitamins. This will provide the fuel necessary for better overall performance.

An experienced athlete will typically divide his exercise routines into either bulking or cutting cycles. The anabolic cycle is most important during the bulking phase because it typically helps the weightlifter gain lean muscle mass. During an anabolic state, the body is primed to repair torn muscle tissue faster. This ensures better development and efficiency for muscle gains.


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I recently hit up a cycle of heavy testosterone cypionate 800mg per week and decaurabolin. I also threw in some dianabol and a few injections of test. suspension to jump start the cycle for five weeks.

I really like the high intensity short cycles over long cycles that burn out. I get sick results that I can maintain.

I am more about fast cycles then spending my time maintaining the gains. Amazing domestic service and gear. They gave me good advice and had tons of cycle options. Real pros I think 1 guy that works there is a pro bodybuilder. I can't be sure but he was talking about his next competition being at the arnold classic.

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