How Do I Choose the Best Alcohol Awareness Classes Online?

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You can choose the best alcohol awareness classes online based on your purpose for taking a course, the material to be covered, and the overall quality of the online learning environment. The cost of the class and the time needed for completion can be additional deciding factors. Many people are required to take this type of online class due to an alcohol-related crime conviction. Others may need to complete alcohol awareness classes online to be hired for certain jobs in the food and beverage industry. One of these courses often needs to be from an accredited institution in order for a judge or employer to accept it, so checking this credential is important before signing up for a site offering an alcohol awareness class.

Taking alcohol awareness classes online can be convenient because they usually allow you to review the material at your own pace. Some online courses may include quizzes or exams that are only available for a certain number of days, so it is a good idea to check that these deadlines can fit into your schedule. Alcohol awareness classes online are typically measured by the total number of hours to completion, which can range from eight to 48 hours, depending on the comprehensiveness. If you are completing a court-mandated alcohol awareness course, you may be required to select one with a specific number of hours to completion.


Topics covered in one of these courses usually include signs of problem drinking and the consequences of driving while intoxicated. Many alcohol awareness courses also illustrate the long-term health effects of excessive alcohol use. Many good alcohol awareness classes online have plenty of linked resources for you to seek further help with a drinking problem; these can include forums or the contact information of local psychologists who specialize in addiction problems.

Completing an alcohol awareness class for new employment is usually a bit different from taking a court-ordered class. Material covered in this type of online class often focuses on recognizing the signs of excessive drinking in others. Bartenders and wait staff need to be able to quickly decide when certain customers have reached their alcohol limit and do not need to be served any more cocktails. This aspect of the job frequently requires good interpersonal communication skills, so the best alcohol awareness classes online include plenty of real-world examples and exercises for you to become comfortable handling this type of situation.


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Here is a tip for people who are trying to find good alcohol awareness programs. Hospitals, police departments, and Alcoholics Anonymous organizations usually have information about where to find these types of online classes. You can trust the advice of staff at these places about reputable classes because they often have to refer clients to alcohol awareness classes online.

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High school teachers and college professors often require students to take alcohol awareness classes for health or psychology courses. These types of classes make great supplemental teaching tools for students that need to understand the effects of alcohol for their school curriculum.

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