How Do I Choose the Best Age-Defying Cream?

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Choose the best age-defying cream by first clearly identifying what you need a cream to do. Examples include reducing the appearance of wrinkles, fading age spots and tightening sagging skin. Familiarizing yourself with basic ingredients that help create healthy, younger-looking skin is also a good idea when searching for the best age-defying cream. Ask others who have used age-defying products for recommendations, as well as spend time researching the effectiveness of any brands you are considering. Select anti-aging creams that have high user approval ratings and that you believe will work the best on your skin type.

The first step in identifying which age-defying creams are best for you is to be clear about what you expect from a cream before you even begin shopping. Not all anti-aging creams are intended for the same purposes. Some work better than others on reducing the appearance of wrinkles while others are intended specifically to be used in the under-eye area. Knowing what you want in an age-defying cream will help you filter out products you do not need.


Having a basic understanding of common ingredients that help keep skin looking healthy and young is a must when shopping for an age-defying cream. Spend time researching ingredients like retinol, vitamin A and alpha-hydroxy acids, as each one of these works in a different way on the skin. For example, vitamin A, which is a common ingredient in anti-wrinkle creams, causes a very slight inflammation of the skin and, therefore, works at filling in wrinkles. Alpha-hydroxy acids, on the other hand, help skin shed old cells in order to make room for brand new ones. Other ingredients to research and look for are tea extracts, copper peptides and co-enzyme Q10.

If you know other people who are currently using an age-defying cream or who have used wrinkle creams in the past, ask them for recommendations on which products they prefer. Asking these same individuals about their experiences with creams that did not work may also help you know which anti-aging creams to avoid. In addition to asking people you know, spend time researching user reviews of any products you are considering purchasing. Spend as much time as possible reading reviews in publications and on websites that do not profit from the sale of a product just to make sure you are getting unbiased reviews.

When choosing an age-defying cream, always keep your skin type in mind. If you have very sensitive skin or allergies to certain products, it is best to stay away from products that may cause skin irritation. Should you have any doubts or questions about particular ingredients and how they may interact with your skin, consult a specialist prior to making a purchase or try using a sample size of the product first. Select an age-defying cream based upon your skincare needs, as well as the products that offer the best ingredients to address those needs and that have received the highest customer ratings for effectiveness.


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