How Do I Choose the Best Aftershave Cream?

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Choosing the best aftershave cream doesn't have to be difficult. When shopping for an aftershave cream, consider price, fragrance and ingredients. Most aftershave creams are alcohol-based, causing the skin to sting a bit after the cream is applied. Some people like to feel this stinging sensation, but others find it unpleasant and painful. Using a lotion or balm instead of an alcohol-based aftershave cream will help soothe the skin while still giving you a fragrance that will last for hours.

Cheaper doesn't always mean better value when it comes to aftershave creams. You might save money on a less-expensive brand, but you might have to use twice the amount just to sustain the fragrance. Less-expensive aftershave creams might be less potent than the more-expensive brands, leaving you smelling not as fresh later on in the day in comparison with right after the initial application. Consider trying a sample of an aftershave cream for a day or two, to test its sustainability, before purchasing a bottle.


Most aftershave creams have a distinct fragrance. Some are more subtle than others, and others are so strong that its scent can be smelled before you enter a room and smell lingers long after you've left. When selecting an aftershave cream, choose a scent that you like and one that matches your body chemistry. Wearing an aftershave should make you feel confident. It should only be smelled by someone standing or sitting next to you, and it shouldn't be so overpowering where someone across the room can smell you as well.

Look at the ingredients listed on the label to see what's in the aftershave cream. If it contains alcohol, it might cause your skin to sting or burn after application. This burning feeling lasts for one a couple of minutes, but the irritation might be so bad that it might cause your skin to react and turn red. Alcohol-based creams help prevent shaving cuts from becoming infected while helping close the pores and tighten the skin.

An aftershave cream doesn't have to hurt when it's applied after you shave. If there is a particular fragrance that you like, many brands sell lotions or balms in addition to alcohol-based creams. A lotion or balm will be less irritating to the skin and will do the same job as any other aftershave cream.


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