How Do I Choose the Best after-Shave Gel?

Nicky Sutton

After-shave gel should provide soothing relief to skin and should be only mildly scented or perfume free, in order to compliment your after-shave or cologne. Gel should be kind to sensitive skin and not cause rashes, soreness or redness. Natural ingredients for moisturizing and nourishing the skin can help to produce a smooth and even complexion.

Alcohol-free aftershave products may use witch hazel as the astringent.
Alcohol-free aftershave products may use witch hazel as the astringent.

The purpose of after-shave gel is to prevent razor burns, irritation and rashes. Gel moisturizes the skin after shaving, and is suitable for oily skin because it is designed to not clog pores. Choose an after-shave gel with the best scent. The scent should compliment your after-shave or cologne or be perfume free. Alternatively, choose an after-shave gel with the same scent as other products that you use in the same product lines, such as after-shave or cologne.

After-shave gel may be used to prevent razor burns.
After-shave gel may be used to prevent razor burns.

After-shave gel should protect the skin and not produce a noticeable scent on its own. If you have sensitive skin it is best to purchase perfume and color free gel to prevent irritation. After-shave gel containing alcohol can also irritate sensitive skin and be very drying, so choose gel that contains natural ingredients that are kinder to skin.

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The best after-shave gel should provide comfort and relief after shaving and not feel painful when applied, like after-shave can. It should be gentle and not cause soreness, redness or blotchiness. The best gel will contain moisturizing and conditioning ingredients such as lanolin, vitamin E, glycerin and aloe. Check that some or all of these ingredients are present by reading the product description.

An after-shave gel that delivers nutrients like vitamin C or avocado oil helps to keep skin healthy and retain a useful complexion. Do not be afraid to try a product with more unusual ingredients such as Irish moss extract, as this is known to reduce redness. Antiseptic ingredients like tea tree oil, aloe or witch hazel help to prevent infection and to heal any cuts or acne spots.

A smooth consistency for easy application is important when choosing the best gel. It should absorb into the skin easily without excess rubbing, and not make the skin look greasy or shiny. Gel should hydrate your skin before and after shaving. If used before shaving, it should not make shaving difficult. Gain an idea of popular brands by asking friends or in your local drug store, and purchase the best product you can within your price range.

Aloe gel is a good moisturizer.
Aloe gel is a good moisturizer.

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