How Do I Choose the Best African Decor?

Tara Barnett

There are many different types of African decor because Africa is a highly diverse continent, including many different countries, cultures, and historical eras. This type of decor may include Moroccan designs, tribal decor, and even modern design coming from African designers. Choosing the best African decor requires thinking specifically about the area and period of Africa you wish to represent or whether representing multiple cultures might be appropriate. In terms of quality, you can seek to include either factory-made or handcrafted pieces, and within these categories there are a variety of levels of sturdiness and artistry.

African decor varies because Africa is a highly diverse continent.
African decor varies because Africa is a highly diverse continent.

Some of the best pieces of African decor are special because they remind the owners of a trip to Africa. Choosing decor that you have seen on a trip not only invests that piece with a memory, but it also makes the piece more unique. Buying African decor directly from craftsmen is a great way to find interesting pieces that few other people may own. Mixing decor from different areas can be a great strategy when collecting on travels, as each piece will belong with the others due to its relationship with the owner.

Choosing African decor from a particular culture is also a great way to narrow down choices. The best decor from a particular culture will depend on that culture's traditions. Many pieces of African furniture are made of wood, but leather and metal are also popular materials. It is important to consider not only the quality of the workmanship, but also the quality of the materials used, as both components impact the finished piece. On the other hand, many pieces of African art are made with recycled materials, such as tin, in which case the finished piece is attractive in spite of the materials used.

As with other cultures, African designs often reflect the unique and attractive aspects of the landscapes where the pieces were made. In Africa, this often involves animal designs as well as traditional representations of natural beauty. Abstract African motifs are also included in many pieces of decor, and combining several design elements can yield a highly interesting finished room.

Finally, in some cases the best African decor may not come from Africa at all. There are many companies that make decorations inspired by the traditional motifs of Africa, though these are not authentically African. Items of this type may use animal prints, traditional African fabrics, or even images of Africa in order to conjure up images of this continent. When on a budget, imitation African decor can provide the look of African items without the expense.

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