How Do I Choose the Best Aerobics Flooring?

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If you are looking for aerobics flooring, one that is slightly cushioned can be a good choice because it can help absorb shock to the joints. Aerobics floors should also be somewhat slip-resistant to keep participants from falling during a workout routine. If you plan to do floor exercises in addition to aerobics, you will want to make sure the floor is comfortable to lie on as well. You can choose portable flooring if you want to move your aerobics studio; this type of flooring can also be a good idea if your aerobics gym is an unusual size or shape.

Foam or rubber-backed aerobics flooring can reduce injury because it can reduce the amount of stress placed on the joints when exercising. The ideal flooring will have a bit of cushion, yet will remain basically firm on top. It can be a good idea to jump up and down on the aerobics flooring to see how well the covering absorbs shock. The floor should not have too much bounce to it, nor should you sink too far down into the padding while doing so. If you are unable to feel your heel pounding against the floor, but are able to recover quickly after a jump, the floor has the ideal amount of padding underneath.


Should an exerciser at your gym slip and fall during aerobics classes, he or she might become injured in the process. For this reason, it can be a good idea to choose aerobics flooring that is somewhat slip-resistant. Avoid very smooth and glossy flooring because these may be too slick for aerobic exercises. Look for flooring that has a somewhat flat finish and very tiny raised beads across the surface rather than ones with a tread pattern, because a tread pattern might wear away over time and become ineffective.

You may want to lie down on the aerobics flooring to get an idea of how comfortable it might be to do yoga or stretching. Aerobics flooring should provide some support to the hips and back, but should not be so soft that you cannot remain aligned properly. You may want to avoid flooring that has a rough feel to it because it might be too uncomfortable to use when performing floor exercises.

Many types of aerobics flooring can be custom-fitted to your studio, and some of these types are even portable. You may want to consider large foam mats if you would like to remove the covering later. Interlocking squares could also be portable, and may be a better choice if you have a very large area to cover or if the studio is round or oval-shaped.


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Post 2

@talentryto- I don't think that you have to buy expensive flooring to get the type that is perfect for doing aerobic exercises. I like to do exercises at home, and have found that the right kind of rug is convenient, inexpensive, and ideal for all types of aerobic exercises. They are also very movable, so you can take them where ever you want to work out.

Not all rugs are good for exercising on because a lot of them slip easily or are too thin to absorb shock. That is why you have to look for specific features when you shop for a rug to do your aerobic exercises on. Plushy rugs with dense fibers are ideal, but you

also have to check the material that is on the backsides. Rubber is perfect for keeping small rugs in place. You can also look for terms like no-slip or fall-proof on the tags when rug shopping.

You also don't have to spend a lot of money on your aerobic rug. Retail and discount stores carry a wide selection of rugs, and often run sales on them as well.

Post 1

I'm looking for some good aerobic flooring material that I can move from room to room. I know there are mats and pads made especially for this purpose, but I have found that they can be costly. Does anyone have some suggestions for flooring that is great for aerobics and your wallet when you are on a budget?

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