How Do I Choose the Best Acrylic Stands for Display?

Solomon Branch

Choosing the best acrylic stands for display is largely a matter of what you want to display. There are a multitude of displays that come in acrylic, and finding one for your specific needs is usually possible. Displays are available for brochures, business cards, pamphlets, and collectible items, such as a doll collection or jewelry. Most acrylic stands for display are clear and transparent, but there are a variety of colored stands available as well.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

The majority of acrylic stands for display are used for business needs. They are made to display information about the business, such as brochures, or information, such as a placard that gives prices or other pertinent information. There are specific sizes and styles that match almost any business need, and there are many acrylic stands for display that are combination pieces. A stand that has a space for brochures and business cards is very common. If you are looking to use a stand for a sign, there are many stands that allow for insertion of information that is readable on both sides.

It’s best to know the size of the item you want to display before purchasing a display stand. There is no real need to choose one that doesn’t fit your sign or display well. It is also possible to order a custom made stand printed with a business logo.

For those who want to display collectible items, an acrylic stand for display in the shape of a box is probably best. The boxes are clear and often come with a mirror in back to highlight the items being displayed. Many come with hooks and other add-ons as well. These types of stands are usually clear acrylic.

It is also possible to fined colored acrylic stands to fit nearly any color or design scheme. Stores that offer custom acrylic stands will have the best color options. It’s important to remember that the see-through acrylic clearly highlights your display items because there is no distracting design or color.

Acrylic stands are not just limited to business uses or displays for collectibles, and can be used to display just about anything, from rifles to fine china. The important thing to remember is that you don’t need to sacrifice function because of the variety of options available. There are many online and retail specialty stores that can meet your needs precisely.

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