How do I Choose the Best Acne Soap?

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When choosing the best acne soap, it is important to find a product that helps to heal pimples and blemishes and reduce the occurrence of new breakouts without causing the skin to become dry, red, or irritated. Those who are able to consult with a dermatologist should do so. During this sort of consultation, a dermatologist can properly assess one's skin condition and recommend a good acne soap. In this case, one may be prescribed an acne soap. Those who receive facials on a regular basis can ask their aestheticians for recommendations for the best kind of acne soap for their skin.

Those who do not regularly see an aesthetician or who are not able to see a dermatologist can begin a process of trial and error to find the best acne soap. First search for a soap that addresses all of one's skin issues, not just the acne. A person who has very dry skin, for example, should search for an acne soap that is formulated for people with that type of skin. A person with sensitive skin, on the other hand, should search for an acne soap that will not irritate the skin and, perhaps, has been certified as hypoallergenic.


When testing acne soaps, it is important to give each product a fair trial period. Just a day or two of using a product is unlikely to deliver significant results. When testing a new product, give the product two to four weeks and then re-assess. Consider taking before and after photos for comparison. If, however, a product begins to irritate the skin or worsen the acne, discontinue use immediately and switch to another product.

In some cases, people will find that the best acne soap for their skin is part of a skin treatment system. Such a system may include toner, astringent, serum, and moisturizer in addition to soap. Just as with other kinds of products, these systems should be given a two- to four-week trial period.

Some people will want to choose soaps that are able to do more than treat acne. There are acne soaps that are also meant to even out skin tone or brighten one's skin color. There are also acne soaps intended to help fight the signs of aging. These sorts of soaps are usually formulated for people who are experiencing acne after the age of 30.


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