How Do I Choose the Best Abductor Exercise?

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An abductor exercise may refer to any exercise that forces a muscle to pull away from the center of the body. Such exercises can be done with several parts of the body, including the hips, legs, shoulders, and arms. The term most commonly refers to exercises that work the hip abductors, however, so choosing the best abductor exercise starts with focusing on this part of the body. All exercises should begin and end with stretching routines to help prevent injury and promote muscle recovery. Finally, consider doing several exercises for hip abductors to get the best strengthening workout.

Many of the abductor exercise methods focus on pulling the leg away from the body and holding the position to allow the muscles to become used to the strain. In order to execute such exercises, a resistance unit is usually necessary. An abductor exercise can be done with a resistance band or a cable machine, as well as with ankle weights. Resistance bands are ideal for home exercises as well as exercises while traveling; they are compact elastic bands that can be attached to the body and to stationary objects. Choose this method if you travel often or if you need a simple way to work out at home.


Cable machines are much larger apparatuses that are most commonly seen at gyms and fitness centers. The advantages of using a cable machine for a particular abductor exercise include the ability to easily adjust the resistance level, and to get consistent weight resistance during a wide range of exercises. These machines make pyramid workouts very simple, since the weight can be adjusted quickly and easily between sets. Choose this option if you regularly visit the gym, or if you have the space at home and the money to invest in these often expensive machines.

Use a wide variety of hip abductor exercise methods to get the best workout. Some exercises will strengthen the muscles, while others will improve mobility and overall balance. Both types of exercises are valuable and should be done in conjunction with one another to promote hip strength and overall health. Consider exercises that require you to hold a certain position for several seconds at a time on each repetition; this will help build muscle strength quickly. Choose exercises that can be adjusted as your muscles become used to the motion by adding weights or more resistance as well.


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