How do I Choose Safe Weight Loss Pills?

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Many people are looking for a way to choose safe weight loss pills. Diet pills and supplements are big business, and many people buy products because of flashy ads that promise quick weight loss. These pills can be dangerous and even cause death. You can choose safe weight loss pills by knowing what ingredients are in the pills, knowing which ingredients might be dangerous, buying pills from reliable companies and consulting your doctor before you take any weight loss pills.

There are many weight loss pills on the market whose manufacturers make claims that are unfounded. In many parts of the world, diet pills and supplements are subject to little or no government regulation. When that is the case, manufacturers can include ingredients that might be dangerous and make claims that have not been proved. The only way to lose weight safely and keep it off is through a healthy diet and regular exercise, but many people want to supplement this regimen with weight loss pills in an effort to lose weight faster or keep it off more easily.


To choose safe weight loss pills, you can start by looking for honest reviews on the Internet. The best way to do this is by looking for professional reviews, such as those published by health magazines, or by browsing through message boards. Many people will post their experiences with weight loss pills on message boards. Feel free to ask questions about which pills were used and about their good and bad experiences when taking them.

It's a good idea never to order weight loss pills containing ephedrine or ephedra, which has been linked to numerous adverse effects, such as cardiac arrhythmias, shortness of breath, headaches and nausea. Although this ingredient has been banned or severely restricted in some places, diet pills containing it remain widely available on the Internet. Always making sure you know what you are ordering is key for someone who is trying to choose safe weight loss pills.

Never buy pills that do not list the ingredients on the bottle or package. If you are trying to choose safe weight loss pills, this is important because the product might include a dangerous ingredient or possibly an ingredient to which you or someone in your household is allergic. If the product does not list ingredients, it is possible that the manufacturer is trying to hide what the pills contain, either because the ingredients might be dangerous or illegal or even because the ingredients might not help you lose weight at all.

Always consult your doctor before taking any pills or starting a new diet or exercise plan. Your doctor will know your medical history, your allergies and any potential interaction with other medications that you are taking. Your doctor also might be able to recommend supplements or weight loss pills that will be safe for you to take.


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Post 3

@pastanaga - As long as you realize that 100% of the time people who stick to eating healthy and an active exercise routine are going to be at a healthy weight for them, rather than reaching a particular milestone dictated by social norms.

I suspect a lot of people want weight loss pills because they are trying to get to an ideal that isn't actually healthy for them.

Post 2

@umbra21 - Even taking pills from your doctor isn't a guarantee that they are safe. There were those pills a while ago that stopped your body from absorbing fat and they could be prescribed by a doctor (and were, to a lot of people) but they caused all kinds of intestinal problems.

I'm not a big fan of weight management pills though, unless they are addressing some kind of underlying condition like a gland problem or insulin resistance. The only thing that really works 100% of the time is to eat well and exercise.

Post 1

The problem here is that anything strong enough to actually help cause weight loss is either going to be relatively dangerous or only able to be prescribed by a doctor. Anything that you can just pick up at the pharmacy without a prescription is going to be fairly weak and probably not worth the price you're paying for it.

There are natural or alternative pills that might help with weight loss, but often that kind of thing isn't monitored by the FDA so they could be so weak as to not work at all, or so strong they could have unusual effects.

I would say that the only safe diet pills are ones given to you by your doctor and then monitored by them as well. Or you can research what herbs and things go into weight loss pills and try getting them directly from the garden so that you know exactly what you're taking.

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