How do I Choose Safe Energy Pills?

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The best way to ensure that you are choosing safe energy pills is to speak with your doctor or pharmacist about any that you are interested in taking. Do your research and determine if you need a prescription pill, supplement, or another type of over the counter option. Be wary of pills that also advertise weight loss, or which contain stimulants. You should also determine the cause of any long-term or severe fatigue before taking an energy pill.

Before trying to find the best safe energy pill for your needs, you should see your doctor to ensure that your fatigue or lack of energy is not being caused by a medical condition. Many causes of fatigue are easy to remedy and require moderate lifestyle changes. For instance, dehydration, lack of exercise, a diet high in sugar, and a lack of iron can all contribute to mild to severe fatigue. Supplements may help alleviate symptoms along with a change in diet and exercise.

Some medical conditions which can also cause fatigue include pregnancy, diabetes, certain cancers, and some neurological conditions. The chances that you have a serious condition is unlikely, but if you have other symptoms, you may want to be evaluated. Your energy may return upon treating the illness or getting proper nutrients in the case of pregnancy.


Once you have ruled out any serious medical problems, you can go about choosing safe energy pills by evaluating your lifestyle and choosing pills that may give you the nutrients you have been missing. Lack of a vitamin like B12 may cause tiredness if your body is not getting enough, so supplements can be used to restore your body’s balance. Other vitamins and minerals which may improve energy include iron, B6, vitamin D, vitamin E, and Vitamin A. You can get these in individual supplements, or discuss a daily multivitamin with your with pharmacist.

If you are suffering from muscle tiredness and fatigue, you may choose supplements containing magnesium, calcium, and vitamin D. Choosing safe energy pills to restore muscular energy should be monitored by a physician. To get the best results, combine supplements with plenty of water and exercise.

There are various other products on the market which claim to be safe energy pills. Some provide certain combinations of vitamins and certain food ingredients to provide your body the nutrients it needs for energy, but others are not safe to use because they contain stimulants. Common stimulants include things like ephedrine, and have been proven to cause heart problems and sometimes serious injury or death. Pills which contain caffeine are also not a healthy choice for long-term use because prolonged exposure could put you at risk of high blood pressure and heart complications.

After trying over the counter supplements and changing your lifestyle habits to include regular exercise and healthy foods, you should begin to regain energy. If not, you may need to speak with your doctor about safe energy pills that he can prescribe to you. These may include certain chemical stimulants, or he may discover a medical condition that was missed previous and give you medications to manage it.


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