How do I Choose an EEOC Lawyer?

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The United States' Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is a massive governing body that helps ensure that individuals are not discriminated against in the workplace. There are many rules and regulations that must be understood in order to properly file a discrimination suit. The law's complex nature makes an EEOC lawyer your best weapon in winning a lawsuit. When looking for a lawyer, it is best to choose one with the experience, understanding and education necessary to perform this job.

There are many ways to begin your search for an EEOC lawyer, but the Internet probably the easiest place to start. Search online for local attorneys, and you likely will find many websites. The phone book still is a valuable tool as well, because some firms might not have a website. One of the most overlooked tools in searching for a candidate to represent your EEOC case is the local bar association or other organization that regulates attorneys in your area. This is the membership organization of attorneys, and you can call or email this body for a list of EEOC attorneys in the area.

Getting the name of some reputable lawyers is a good start, but it is best not to pick one simply at random. Rather, it is a good idea to call each EEOC lawyer and ask questions, basically like conducting an interview. Many firms and attorneys are happy to describe their qualifications and experience.


Education is an important topic to ask about. Your EEOC lawyer must have his or her degree and be licensed to practice in the area where your trial will take place. It also is helpful to inquire about the school that the attorney attended, any honors awarded and any specializations that could be useful to employment law.

Experience is another important question to ask about. Find out how long the lawyer has been practicing and how long, specifically, he or she has been focusing on employment law. Ask the attorney, during that time, how many cases were tried, how many cases were won for the client, how many out-of-court settlements were reached and how many cases were lost. These numbers should give you an idea of how successful this lawyer will be for you.

Finally, discuss the basics of your case and ask the EEOC lawyer his or her opinion. Know that you will not get a comprehensive plan during this meeting, but you hopefully will walk away with an idea of the lawyer's strategy to win your case. If you don't like the attorney's personality or tactics, repeat this process until you find an employment lawyer who shares your vision.


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