How do I Choose a Drafting School?

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Your career as a drafter or an architect is dependent on your choice of drafting school. Many people tend to overlook the possible long-term effects due to studying at inappropriate drafting schools. Key elements like recognition, skilled lecturers, background of school, computers, location, and fees are important for choice of a drafting school.

A drafting school should be recognized by the government. In some countries, drafting schools with valid licenses and accredited by national boards would be appropriate choices. For example, drafting schools in US should be accredited by The National Architectural Accrediting Board or The Landscape Architecture Accreditation Board and possess a state license. Lecturers and trainers are also vital for your education in a drafting school.

Lecturers and trainers are responsible for imparting the necessary knowledge and training to students. Although an accredited drafting school would most probably have skilled trainers and lecturers, it is better to check this out for yourself. Ask former students or make inquiries about the lecturers and trainers at the school. Find out about their relevant qualifications and teaching experience.


The background of the drafting school in terms of competitiveness, success ratings, and quality of education should be checked as well. Although you may be able to find this information on the school’s website, it is better to verify this personally. Carry out some research online, or by talking to former students. As a drafter or an architect, you need to be efficient in computer software like Auto Computer Aided Design (AutoCAD) and Computer-assisted Design and Drafting (CADD).

AutoCAD and CADD are software applications for two- or three-dimensional designs and drafting. Your choice of drafting school should have sufficient computer equipment for student use. You have to spend some time drafting drawings until you are proficient. Since the computer world is dynamic, check the software version to determine how recent it is.

The location of the drafting school is another factor to be considered. You may prefer one nearer to home so that you won’t feel homesick. You may be able to save money on boarding fees and food by not living at the school. School fees are often a determining factor in the choice of drafting school.

Keep in mind that a quality education comes at a cost. There are some drafting schools which offer loans or scholarships. They may even have partnerships with companies that can assist students. Consider all these key elements before deciding on a drafting school.


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