How Do I Care for Thick Eyebrows?

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To care for thick eyebrows, you can wash, shape or trim them. Regular washing is only necessary if you are in a windy area with dust and sand or if your brow is pierced. Both men and woman can shape their eyebrows for better definition and to get rid of unwanted hairs that create a uni-brow. In addition, sometimes trimming the eyebrows shorter can give them a better look. For the most part, however, if you are comfortable with the appearance of your thick eyebrows, there is little to no upkeep required.

It is usually not necessary to wash or condition thick eyebrows. However, if you recently had an eyebrow pierced, follow the instructions the professional piercer gave you to keep the wound clean. This may involve routinely removing the barbell to clean it and thoroughly washing the brow to prevent infection. In addition, you may want to give thick eyebrows a quick rinse in the shower if you have been in a dusty, sandy or otherwise dirty environment.

Sometimes thick eyebrows can be bushy and shapeless. The use of a white eyebrow pencil, a stencil of your choice, and some tweezers can help define the brow. Once the stencil is applied, the eyebrow hair is brushed through it then outlined with the pencil. The stencil is removed and everything outside the white outline is plucked away with the tweezers. Some people even outline the entire eyebrow to give it more definition after it has been shaped.


Long and thick eyebrows can be trimmed to appear less unruly. A barber or hair stylist can usually do this for you, and will have more knowledge about how short is too short. Trimming an eyebrow too short will result in the hairs not lying flat, giving it a fluffy or spiky appearance. This is usually not a look most people go for, so be cautious about trimming.

Eyebrows grow faster than the hair on your head. Most people replace an eyebrow hair within two months, unless it is plucked or waxed. They rarely have time to develop problems like split ends and dryness. The best thing you can do for your eyebrows is shape them however you desire, but to be careful of over-plucking or shaping as they may not grow back completely.


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Post 3

@fBoyle-- It's actually easy and you will get better with practice. What I do is first brush my eyebrows up with an eyebrow brush so that the long edges are clearly visible. Then I take a cosmetic scissors (the kind with rounded edges, so you can't poke yourself in the eye) and cut along the edges where the extra hairs can be seen.

I suggest always brushing the eyebrow up before trimming because if you brush it down and then trim, you might trim too much. And it will look funny once the hairs are in their regular position.

Post 2

@donasmrs-- How exactly do you trim eyebrows? I tried a couple of times but couldn't do it. I was too scared of poking myself in the eye.

Post 1

I like my thick brows, but I certainly don't want it to look like a bush and the last I checked, unibrows are not in fashion. So I have to pluck away the extra hairs and trim the long edges once every several months.

I was sick and busy this month and did not have the opportunity to care for my brows. So when I finally had a careful look at myself in the mirror, I was appalled. My eyebrow hairs grow fast!

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