How do I Care for Glass Figurines?

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Glass figurines can be extremely beautiful but delicate and easily breakable at the same time. This can make caring for them difficult, but with tools like a can of compressed air, a soft smooth cloth, and something as simple as dish soap, the process can be made much easier. Just letting them sit on a shelf and using the compressed air to clean away the dust can help keep them safe and fingerprint-free.

Keeping glass figurines in a safe place is a must. This can be as simple as putting them on a shelf out of reach or on a mantel where they cannot be knocked over. A glass case or tabletop cabinet can also provide a safe area for figurines to be displayed, and it will also help keep them from collecting dust, dirt, and pet fur. Many types of cabinets are available to suit almost any room decor and size requirements; when choosing a cabinet, be sure to allow enough space to be able to reach in and remove a figurine without bumping any next to it.


Unless figurines are kept in a sealed case, they are going to collect dust. Rather than picking them up to dust them, use the can of compressed air to get most of the collected dust off of them. For fine detail work, use a small brush with soft bristles, such as those used for painting or crafting, or a cosmetics brush. Be sure the brush is soft and not so large that it is difficult to get between the figures or along the base.

To remove fingerprints, glass figurines can be carefully washed using a soft cloth and hand or dish soap. Fill a shallow bowl with the mixture of warm water and soap. Placing some sponges along the bottom of the bowl will help prevent breakage should the figurine slip or if it needs to be soaked to get rid of hardened grime. Hard water can leave residue on a glass figurine, so be sure to use bottled water if water from the tap is hard. Depending on the type of glass, some chemicals can damage the figurine; for example, ammonia-based cleaners can corrode crystal glass figurines.

Large, smooth glass figurines can be wiped down with a glass cleaning solution and a soft cloth, but it can be difficult to get all of the dirt out of small crevices. A cosmetic brush can also come in handy as well. Figurines allowed to air dry can develop water spots, so patting them dry with a clean, soft towel before putting them back will help preserve the freshly washed shine.


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