How Do I Care for a Lamb Fur Coat?

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Properly caring for a lamb fur coat is essential, if one wishes to keep it in decent condition. This type of coat should be hung up in a cool, dry area when it is not being worn, and it should never be worn when sitting. One should also avoid using damaging accessories, like pins or purse straps, when wearing these types of coats. Periodic cleaning and repair are also necessary, and the coat should also be stored properly when it is not needed.

When a lamb fur coat is not being worn, it should be hung up in a cool, dry closet. Instead of a wire hanger, a padded or wooden hanger is usually recommended. The coat should not be squeezed between other coats in the closet, since this can cause matted fur. These types of coats should also never be folded or stored in a plastic garment bag. It should also never sit in direct sunlight for extended periods of time, since this can cause the fur to fade.

Special precautions should also be taken while wearing a lamb fur coat. If possible, a person should never sit while wearing a fur coat, since this can cause the fur to mat and lose it's luster. In situations in which the wearer must sit, she should unbutton the coat to prevent any rips and tears in the seams. Also, she should not sit for extended periods of time.


Some accessories should also be avoided when wearing a lamb fur coat. Pins and brooches are two examples of this. These should never be pinned to a fur coat, since they can create holes thatcan grow larger and possibly become irreparable.

Special care should also be taken when carrying a purse and wearing a lamb fur coat. Purse straps should never be worn over the shoulder when wearing a fur coat. This can cause the fur to mat and break. Fur coat wearers should opt for a clutch that they can carry instead.

All fur coats should be maintained on a regular basis. Every year, for example, these coats should be cleaned. Taking a lamb fur coat to an experienced furrier is recommended. These professionals can clean and repair the coat. Some may even offer to condition the coat, which can make the fur softer and shinier.

If a lamb fur coat gets wet, it should be hung up and air dried. Using any other method to dry the coat, like a clothes drier, could damage the fur. Fur coats should also be shaken out periodically to get rid of any dust, dirt, or sand trapped in the fur.

Seasonal storage methods are also important. Ideally, a lamb fur coat should be stored in a special fur vault. These types of vaults are climate controlled, and kept cool and dry. If this is not possible, a fur coat can be stored hanging up in a cloth garment bag.


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