How Do I Care for a Big Beard?

Shereen Skola

Men grow beards to enhance their features or attain a certain look. There are many styles to choose from including a full, long, or bushy big beard, though it isn't always easy to grow. If you're lucky enough to have one, the proper care and maintenance can keep your beard and the skin underneath handsome and healthy for years. Be sure to keep your beard clean and well combed, and trim it regularly to keep it looking good.

It's important to keep a beard clean and well combed.
It's important to keep a beard clean and well combed.

Regular shampooing is essential to keeping your big beard clean. A gentle shampoo is best and easiest on your hair and skin. Be sure to rinse thoroughly and use conditioner. The hair on your face is much coarser than the hair on your head, so even if you don't use conditioner on your hair, try it on your big beard for a soft, silky result.

Beard conditioners may be used to help men improve the condition of their beard hair.
Beard conditioners may be used to help men improve the condition of their beard hair.

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After your shower, towel dry your beard and comb through it using a wide tooth comb. Using a blow dryer can often result in dryness and can irritate your skin underneath. It's better to let your big beard air dry for the best results.

Even the longest and largest beards need regular trimming to keep them in the proper shape and eliminate dry ends. Some men choose to visit a barber for the regular care and maintenance of a beard, but caring for your own is simple — and much less expensive. Invest in a good beard trimmer or barber's scissors.

Trim your big beard when it is dry. Wet hair is longer than dry hair, so if you trim when it's wet, it is far too easy to trim too much and get a shock when you look in the mirror an hour later. Pull the hair straight down the length using a wide tooth comb, and cut against the comb for a straight line. Beard trimmers usually have adjustable guides that make this process much easier, but a sharp scissors will do.

Keep the hair on your neck trimmed, too. You can use the trimmer with the adjustable guide removed or a regular razor. Plucking is an alternative, but it can be painful and irritating to your skin.

Beard hair can have a much different color than the hair on the top of your head. Some men aren't bothered by the color difference, but you can certainly have your big beard died to match the rest of your hair if you'd like. There are a number of over-the-counter beard dying kits available at drugstores, or a hair colorist can do it for you.

Growing a big beard can take time and commitment. If you like the look and you are able to grow one, it can give you a distinguished look that's easier to manage than daily shaving. Just remember to keep it clean and trimmed, and your beard will likely stay looking luxurious for as long as you want to keep it.

Beard dying kits may be available at drugstores.
Beard dying kits may be available at drugstores.

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Discussion Comments


@Mor - Some people do have religious reasons to keep their beards. And some men with big beards just see it as a matter of pride. I could definitely imagine someone deciding they'd rather dye their beard to hide some grey hair or something.

There are even competitions for bizarre beard designs, although I think they go in more for shaping the beard rather than dying it different colors.

There are some amazing pictures of it floating around the internet if you want to have a look.


@croydon - I don't know how many men would really try to dye their beards with the intention of fooling people into thinking it's natural. Facial hair grows really quickly and it can't really be artfully arranged to hide the roots like you can with the hair on someone's head. You would have to use the dye fairly often to make sure that the hair stayed one color.

And it would probably be very irritating to use dye on your face. I mean, there's always the option to just shave if they don't like the color of their big red beard. Stubble doesn't look any particular color so no one would know.


It's actually kind of amazing how different the color of a man's beard can be from the color of the hair on his head. It's quite amusing seeing a big, bright red bushy beard on a black haired man.

Although I suspect a lot of men would dye their hair, since it does look kind of bizarre. They might dye their hair so that people wouldn't think that they did dye their hair!

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