How do I Build an Outdoor Fireplace?

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If you want to build an outdoor fireplace, you have several options. As the popularity of outdoor entertaining has grown, so have the choices for people that want to add a fireplace outside their home. Before deciding what type of outdoor fireplace you want to build you have a few things to consider.

If you rent, rather than own, your home you will probably want to consider a portable fireplace. It is quite an investment to build an outdoor fireplace, and does not make sense if you do not own the home. Another consideration is where you will place the fireplace. If you have a large yard this may not be a problem. If your yard is small, or must share room with a pool, playground or other obstructions, it makes sense to measure and plan on paper before beginning to build an outdoor fireplace.

If you decide on a portable fireplace, you will find a wide selection at specialty garden centers, home improvement stores and even big box retailers. Styles and prices vary widely, and you should be able to find something that you like. A common type of portable fireplace is known as a chimenea. These fireplaces, replicas of the sort found in Mexico, have a round body with an opening in the front to place logs. They also have a slender chimney extending from the top to keep the smoke away from you and your guests.


A semi permanent option is a fire pit. Fire pits do require some construction, but they are relatively inexpensive to assemble, and can be removed if you move. If you want to build an outdoor fireplace without investing too much time or money, a fire pit is a good option.

Fire pits are typically round, and have a short wall built around them with stone or brick. The fire is built in the hole in the middle of the pit. Often, seating is placed around the fire pit. Cooking on the fire pit requires that you have a grate to set over the top of the fire.

When many people decide to build an outdoor fireplace, they think of the expansive cooking fireplaces that are becoming more common. An oven is built into a stone or brick wall. A grill fits inside the opening for all types of cooking and baking. These are expensive and take up a great deal of room. You may not want to commit to this type of fireplace unless you know that you will frequently entertain outdoors.  


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Post 3

Is it dangerous to have an outdoor fireplace? I know that a lot of people have them but how many people end up burning their house down because of them? I would be very curious to know.

Post 2

One easy way to have an outdoor fireplace is to simply have a fire pit. It does not have quite the same effect as a fireplace but in general it is the same. Plus, they are cheaper and easier to set up than most outdoor fireplaces.

If you have the right backyard for it you can simply build a campfire ring in your backyard. If you want to protect your grass you can buy a raised fire pit or construct something out of bricks or stones. There are lots of options and all of them work.

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