How Do I Build a Wall-Mounted Bookcase?

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The first step for building a wall-mounted bookcase is to measure the area in which you will build the bookcase. This will dictate how large the bookcase will be, so accurate measurements will be necessary. Be sure to check the walls in this area for studs as well, as the bookcase will need to be mounted to these studs for proper support. A stud finder is an inexpensive item that will make this process far easier, and it can be purchased at most hardware stores. Once the measurements have been taken, you will need to decide what materials you want to use to build the wall-mounted bookcase.

Different types of woods will create a different aesthetic, and they will also have a different level of durability and resistance to damage. Some woods will be more expensive than others, however, so you will need to spend a fair amount of time researching the type of wood you want to use for the wall-mounted bookcase. Once you have determined this, begin planning out the dimensions of the bookcase. Take note of the number of shelves included in the wall-mounted bookcase, and do the math to figure out how much lumber you will need to construct the bookcase frame and the shelves, as well as any backing you intend to affix to the case. Write this number down so you can figure out how much the lumber will cost you when you visit the lumberyard or hardware store.


It may help to draw up a budget before starting any wall-mounted bookcase construction projects. Do not forget to factor in hardware such as screws, as well as any tools you will need to rent or purchase for the job. A circular saw or chop saw is a good investment for this project, and you will need other tools such as a drill, a mallet or hammer, stud finder, sandpaper or orbital sander, paint brushes and stains, and so on. Try to price out the cost for all these materials in addition to the materials needed for construction.

The wall-mounted bookcase must be mounted to studs in the wall, so a stud finder will be necessary. If the wall does not have studs, you will either need to find a different location for the bookcase or you will need to find a different way to secure the bookcase to the wall. If the bookcase will be mounted to a brick or concrete wall, fasteners will need to be used to secure the bookcase properly. Be sure to research the different fastener options for these applications.


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