How do I Build a Patio?

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The first step in the process of building a patio is to choose where you want your patio to be. This means measuring carefully and paying close attention to obstacles or obstructions that may arise during construction. Once you have chosen where your patio will go, you must choose what material you will use for construction. Brick is a popular choice of materials to build a patio, but other materials such as stone, concrete, and even rubber are now common. If using brick to build a patio, it is best to choose paver bricks, since the dimensions of these bricks are easier to work with.

Perhaps the most important step when choosing to build a patio is making sure the ground on which you will be building is completely level. If you are building in a grassy or dirt-filled area, dig down about 8 inches (20.3 cm) and level the ground from there using a carpenter's level or some string. If the patio is near a home, make sure the patio surface slopes downward slightly away from the house to prevent rainwater and other runoff from running toward the house. Check and double check to make sure the area is level and in the correct dimensions for your patio before laying down any pavers.


To build a patio from pavers, you will want to lay down the perimeter pavers first. This provides a boundary for the interior pavers, and it will make a more aesthetically pleasing final product. At this point, you may want to lay down the rest of the pavers as a dry run to make sure the dimensions of the patio are correct. Once you have determined this, pull the pavers back up and lay down a layer of crushed stone. Flatten out the layer of crushed stone and cover it with landscaping fabric to prevent weeds from sprouting up between the bricks. This will cut down on future maintenance and will also keep bricks from being pushed out of place by weeds beneath.

Pour a layer of sand over the landscape cloth, then lay down the pavers in the pattern of your choosing. Once the pavers are in place, tap them down into the sand slightly, then pour more sand over the top of the bricks or stones. Use a broom to push the sand into the crevices between bricks, then hose off the entire patio to force the sand further into the cracks. Repeat this step as necessary.


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