How do I Build a Kegerator?

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For the humble beginner and advanced brewmaster alike, building a kegerator can be a rewarding experience in more ways than one. Some kegerator kits have helped make the building process much easier and quicker than before, by providing beginners with step-by-step instructions, and all the supplies one will need to build a kegerator. For those who do not wish to build one, retailers offer complete, ready-to-use kegerators that may be plugged in for almost instant use, though at a higher cost. Having a kegerator in the home helps make it possible to pour, from a beer tap, commercial, or even home-brewed beer that is virtually identical in quality to the draft beers found in many bars.

Tools needed to build a kegerator may vary depending on the type of kegerator being built. Tools needed to build a more basic kegerator generally include Phillips and flathead screwdrivers, pliers, different-sized wrenches, a drill, and a hole saw that may vary in size depending on the requirements. A level and ruler are also vital to help ensure the proper placement of various holes that will need to be drilled prior to installing valves, lines, and taps.


Before purchasing any equipment to build a kegerator, it might be helpful to first consider the size of the unit required. Size may be an important question to consider if one wishes to store more than one keg in his kegerator, or is concerned with other space restrictions. This might also be a concern when building a kegerator from spare parts and old refrigeration units with different dimensions.

Just as important is the way in which you will build you Kegerator. Will you build it from existing parts, a conversion kit, or a complete kit that includes all the necessary supplies? For the beginner, there are complete kegerator kits available which help make the building and setup process much easier. Some of these complete kits may have pre-drilled holes, and pre-installed components, eliminating some of the more tedious steps in the process.

For those who do not mind a more hands-on project, choosing a kegerator conversion kit is likely the best choice. Simply mounting the kit onto an old refrigerator may provide one with a kegerator of similar appearance and quality as a complete retail kegerator unit. More experienced individuals may build a kegerator completely from pre-existing parts, amd without the assistance or guidance of a conversion kit or manual.

For anyone purchasing or building a kegerator, it is important to be aware that kegerators use pressurized gas systems, making them especially dangerous for inexperienced users; as such, all individuals are encouraged to wear safety goggles during the building process. Due to the many variances in kegerator conversion and starter kits, it is recommended that instruction manuals be adhered to for specific, detailed steps that may help achieve a quality kegerator that functions correctly, efficiently, and safely.


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