How do I Break into the Nutrition Industry?

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There are five ways to break into the nutrition industry: become a registered nutritionist, sell supplements, work as a researcher, write a nutrition book, and host public education seminars. The nutrition industry is a growing one, focused on enhancing overall nutrition with a combination of information and supplements. A supplement is a substance that provides additional nutritional vitamins and minerals to the body.

A registered nutritionist is also known as a dietitian. Dietitians are specially trained in physiology, nutrition, biology, and human development. To become a registered nutritionist, you will need a university degree in nutrition studies. Additional courses are required to become a nutritionist and a certification exam authorized by the American Dietetic Association must be completed.

Registered nutritionists provide advice, support and counseling to individual patients, hospitals, and long-term care facilities. Many people use the services of a nutritionist to lose weight, improve their health, and enhance their appearance. Nutritionists advertise in magazines and often work on referral from physicians or hospital outpatient centers.

Supplements for vitamin and minerals are a booming sector of the nutrition industry. Many health stores specialize in the sale of supplements, as there is a growing desire to improve health by adding items that are missing from the diet. The development of a new supplement requires extensive research and is usually managed by a large vitamin or pharmaceutical company.


Research positions in the nutrition industry require post-secondary education in chemistry, biology, nutrition, or related subjects. The development of a new supplement and preparing it for market release can take between two and ten years. It is important to note that the supplement industry is not regulated, so the requirements for clinical trials and a peer review of the research work is not required.

Many people write books, articles, or create websites to educate or advertise their products within the nutrition industry. The most commercially successful books are printed by the large publishing houses. These firms require credentials and a well-written book before they will accept the manuscript. There are a large number of books and materials on the trends and development in the nutrition industry.

Public education through presentation, speeches, classroom sessions, and theater productions are all ways to join the nutrition industry. These sessions are usually organized around the food pyramid, importance of exercise, portion sizes and the long-term health benefits. Public education has the largest impact and the increased profile of this industry in the media has lead to an increased acceptance of nutrition as a subject relevant to everyday quality of life.


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Post 4

I think it would be hard to break into this industry writing a book unless you already had some kind of following.

It seems like there are so many health and nutrition books out there, and I think it would be hard to make your book stand out from all the other choices that are available.

I think it is similar with the nutritional products industry. There have been many times I have tried a nutritional product hoping it will take care of a certain physical problem. I have been disappointed many times, so now I just stick with companies that I know and trust.

Post 3

I work as a dietician in a nursing home and most of the time this is completely different than someone working as a dietician in a hospital or wellness center.

Many people will work with a dietician to help them lose weight. I work with many patients who need to put on a few pounds, or at least not lose any more weight.

As people age, many of them lose their appetite or just don't feel like eating. It can also be a challenge to get them to eat healthy foods. Just because you set healthy foods in front of them doesn't necessarily mean they are going to eat it.

Post 2

My daughter is a registered dietician and this field is one that has really grown in recent years. The nutrition market is a fast growing industry that affects everybody.

My daughter works for a large local grocery chain. They have a registered dietician on staff in each of their stores. She loves being able to use her training and education to help people make wise nutrition choices.

Post 1

I have been a part of the nutritional supplement industry long before it was as popular as it is today. I have been selling nutrition supplements for many years, and I find it exciting that so many people are more interested in this today than they were years ago.

Since this industry is not regulated by the government, you do have to be careful about the products you choose. For many people it can be overwhelming because there are so many products to choose from.

I think this is an industry that is going to continue to grow, and we will begin to see more regulations regarding these products.

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