How Do I Become an SEO Specialist?

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An SEO specialist is someone who specializes in search engine optimization, a field that involves placing keywords naturally and effectively in text so as to raise the search engine ranking of the page. To become an SEO specialist, you must gain an understanding of the field, learn to write effectively while keeping search terms in mind, and must practice the craft regularly to gain experience. You may also wish to obtain some type of formal training or certification.

Before you decide to become an SEO specialist, you should read and research to thoroughly understand the field of SEO marketing. This area of marketing takes advantage of the algorithms created by major Internet search engines to determine which sites are most relevant to keywords entered in the search field by search engine users. These algorithms are based on the theory that websites containing multiple uses of the primary keyword, which is the one the user types into a search field, and associated or secondary keywords, which are words commonly associated with the primary keyword, are more relevant than those that do not contain those keywords or use them only incidentally.


Search engine optimization, then, is the process of frequently using the keywords that are most applicable to your website so that the search engines rank your site highly for those keywords. This means that your website will be placed at or near the top of the results list when someone inputs the proper keyword. You cannot maximize search results by randomly inserting the desired keywords over and over into a website, however. Search engine builders discovered that people were using this method to artificially enhance their listing results and implemented controls that would pick up on excess or inappropriate use of keywords. To become an SEO specialist, you must stay current on SEO news so that you understand the balance of keyword insertion and remain up to date on changing search engine rules.

In order to become an SEO specialist, you must also become a good writer. Search terms should occur naturally within usable, engaging text that applies to your business and appeals to your audience. If the text is unusable, it does not matter how highly you rank in the search because the potential customer will still not be engaged in the site.

Formal training is available through private and public institutions if you wish to become an SEO specialist. These classes are intended to teach you the rules of search engine optimization and show you how to use keywords effectively. Many offer certification upon completion of a class or series of courses.


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