How do I Become an Interior Design Architect?

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Individuals who are drawn to architecture, but who prefer to focus on the interior of a building, instead of its exterior, may want to become an interior design architect. Generally, an interior design architect combines architecture and interior design, focusing on the structure and architectural technicalities of the interior. Basically, the goal is to build an aesthetically pleasing, highly functional interior space. To become an interior design architect, one must have a solid high school education, a college education focusing on architecture of the interior, and in some jurisdictions licensure.

In high school, a person who wants to become an interior design architect will need to have a well-rounded education. In general, she will need to take plenty of courses in subjects such as math and physics. She also may want to study art and art history. Although none of these courses alone will suffice, together they form a solid basis to study for a degree in interior design architecture.

When it is time to apply for college, it is fairly important for someone who wants to become an interior design architect to find a school that offers specialties in that subject. There are schools in all around the world that give students the opportunity to study interior design architecture. Some even offer graduate degree programs.


There are some basic topics that a person wanting to become an interior design architect will face in college. For example, most schools teach their students about building codes and safety from the perspective of the interior architectural design. In addition, many offer courses in restoration, energy efficiency, and materials. Students also typically learn how to draft interior designs, both traditionally and via computer programs. Also, some schools provide classes on marketing for the student who wants to start her own business.

Graduate degree programs include more specific courses. For example, a person who wants to become an interior design architect may find it beneficial to learn more about subjects such as preservation or product design. In addition, many graduate programs focus on areas outside residential or commercial architecture, such as museum or historical building interior architecture.

One of the most essential factors for someone who wants to become an interior design architect is the hands-on features of the education. There are often opportunities for working as an intern for a firm that specializes in interior architecture. In addition, there may be field trips and student exchange programs with foreign countries.

In many areas, licensing is required to become an interior design architect. In the United States, many states require architects to graduate with a degree in architecture, take a qualifying test, and obtain a license. In Europe, similar requirements are expected of people wanting to work as an interior design architect.


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