How Do I Become an Industrial Maintenance Technician?

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A few different paths exist to help you become an industrial maintenance technician, but in order to embark on any of these, you will need to complete a high school education or earn an equivalent qualification. You will need to develop basic math skills as well as communications skills, and you will need to have a basic foundation in the sciences. Once you graduate from high school, you can take steps to become an industrial maintenance technician by enrolling in a post-secondary degree or certificate program, or you can apply for an entry-level position that will set you up for an apprenticeship in the future.

Taking college courses toward a certificate or a degree has distinct advantages if you want to become an industrial maintenance technician. While many employers may not require that you have a college degree, more and more employers prefer college graduates in this highly complex profession. College coursework will prepare you for a variety of tasks you will perform once you become an industrial maintenance technician, and the coursework will often prepare you to pass any certification exams or licensing exams. Some colleges even offer career placement services that will help you find employment after you graduate.


If college is not in the cards for you, it is still possible to become an industrial maintenance technician by taking part in on-the-job training or apprenticeships. You will likely need to apply for an entry-level position with an industrial company and then take advantage of job training when it is offered. Work hard and learn as much as possible during this period of your career, as this is an important time in which you can learn the basics and impress management by proving you are a good employee worth the training investment.

An apprenticeship is a period of time in which you will work under the guidance and supervision of a more experienced industrial maintenance technician. This apprenticeship will last anywhere from one to five years, and you will learn all the specific skills you will need to become an industrial maintenance technician once training is complete. You will earn a wage during your apprenticeship, though it will be lower than a full-time technician. You will need to take part in some classroom training during your apprenticeship, and you should be prepared to take certification or licensing exams during this time as well.


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