How Do I Become an FHA Appraiser?

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Potential candidates seeking to become an FHA appraiser will need to follow some specific guidelines in order to gain both a license and certification. Those who are licensed, but not certified, cannot appraise FHA properties. State licensing and certification varies considerably.Regardless of state requirements, however, candidates must meet all criteria set forth by the Appraisal Foundation — that includes a college education — if they are to gain eligibility for the FHA roster. Satisfying the aforementioned requirements will allow candidates to submit an application to the FHA, along with proof of eligibility, to be added to the FHA appraisal roster.

College education is a requirement to become an FHA appraiser, and while the Appraisal Foundation sets the minimum requirements states may have additional requirements. FHA appraisers will need to be either a certified residential appraiser or a certified general appraiser. An associate’s degree in any discipline or 21 credit hours in courses related to real estate will satisfy the educational requirements for a certified residential appraiser. For a certified general appraiser, either a bachelor’s degree in any discipline or 30 credit hours related to real estate will suffice. Students must complete all courses from an accredited college or university recognized by the U.S. Secretary of Education, and then they can begin working toward becoming an FHA appraiser.


Checking with the state in which the candidate resides to ascertain licensing and certification requirements is the next step. While states may vary in those requirements, the Appraisal Foundation stipulates some minimum requirements to become an FHA appraiser. Other education is required as well, with a certain number of hours in real estate appraisal courses for certified residential appraisers and more hours for certified general appraisers. Experience is the other main criteria, requiring candidates in 2011 to work under the supervision of a licensed and certified appraiser for a minimum of 2,500 hours in no less than 24 months for a certified residential appraiser and 3,000 hours in no less than 30 months for a certified general appraiser. Additionally, approximately half of the hours must be dedicated to non-residential.

Completion of experience and education requirements allows candidates to sit for the national examination administered by the Appraisal Foundation. After passing the examination, candidates may submit an application to the FHA, requesting a listing on the FHA appraisal roster. Along with the application, candidates must provide proof of meeting college requirements, real estate appraisal education requirements, experience requirements, and results of the national examination. Candidates approved are automatically added to the roster without notification and will become an FHA appraiser, while those not approved will receive a denial letter.


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