How do I Become an Explosives Expert?

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There are a number of paths which people can take to become an explosives expert, depending on which kinds of explosives they want to work with and how they want to apply their skills. As a general rule, having a grounding in math and science, especially chemistry, is key, because these skills are used by people who work with explosives every day. It is also important to be able to maintain calm under pressure, and to be able to make decisions quickly and accurately without panicking. People should also want to think about whether they want to work in ordnance disposal, mine removal operations, demolition, bomb squads, or security, as different skills are required for these different areas.

One of the best ways to become an explosives expert is to let the military take care of the training. All military branches have a need for people who work with explosives. In the military, people can learn how to use explosives in demolition, how to deal with unexploded ordinance, and how to handle things like bomb threats, securing areas, and demining. Many people who work as explosives experts for civilian agencies like the police received their training in the military.


Military training for explosives experts is thorough, and exposes people to lots of opportunities for hands on work. Military careers in explosives are available, or people can take their training and utilize it in the civilian world after they are discharged. Military experience is often viewed as a strong aspect of a resume, for people who want a leg up in the world of civilian employment after they become an explosives expert.

Training for civilians who want to work with explosives is available from some colleges and technical schools, and also through explosives academies. These training courses all provide a grounding in how explosives work and how to deal with them, along with opportunities to practice. Different training is available for people who want to work on bomb squads, people interested in demolition, and people who want to work in explosives manufacturing. In some cases, people will get training as an explosives expert after being hired for a position, in which case employers will pay for their training.

Demolition training is also available through apprenticeship and on the job training. If people know that they want to use explosives in construction, they can apply to work as an apprentice at a company which specializes in demolition and acquire skills and experience in the workforce, eventually acquiring enough skills to work independently as a demolitions expert. Someone who opts to become an explosives expert in this way will learn about how explosives are used in demolition, how to make calculations for demolition projects, and how to handle explosives safely.


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While chemical engineering is a good basis for budding explosions experts, a kid with a knack for explosives might also become a chemical engineer (sort of going in the reverse direction, but OK). Knew a high school kid who loved to build pipe bombs. He was great at making them and managed to not blow himself to kingdom come. He left that hobby behind after the police intervened and wound up going on to get a degree in chemical engineering.

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