How do I Become an Executive Assistant?

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If you want to become an executive assistant, it's advisable to have at least an associate's degree plus some office experience, as the field is competitive. Executive assistants are considered senior level clerical workers that often supervise junior or mid-level clerks, such as administrative assistants. They assist senior executives such as the chief executive officer (CEO) or vice president (VP) of a company. To become an executive assistant, not only good computer and typing skills are needed, but also the ability to keep a top executive organized and informed.

Taking the initiative to make sure a senior executive is always prepared with any information he or she needs is an import part of the job. Most top executives have many responsibilities to juggle. The more you can show an executive that you hope to work for that you can prepare detailed calendars and be counted on to plan meetings and remember details, the more likely you will become an executive assistant for that person. However, personality and computer skills are also important.

Executive assistants represent high-level employees and a calm, mature manner is a must. Computer skills for an aspiring executive assistant should include software the executive uses, whether it’s for spreadsheets or presentations. Good Internet research skills may also be needed by a person who wants to become an executive assistant as the executive may want extra statistics for a report or last minute information for a meeting.


It’s possible to become an executive assistant by combining experience as an administrative assistant with education such as an associate’s degree. By earning an executive assistant degree part-time from an accredited online school, an administrative assistant can keep gaining work experience while furthering his or her education. Networking in the corporate world is a possible way to complete the move from the junior or intermediate level administrative assistant to the senior level executive assistant.

Some executive assistants arrange business trips for the executive they report to, while others may accompany the executive on business travel. Having experience in a particular industry may help you keep ahead of the competition to find a job as an executive assistant. Executive assistants are employed in many industries and corporations as well as the government. Top-notch oral and written communication skills are definitely necessary for those who want to become an executive assistant.


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