How Do I Become an Equipment Manager?

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An equipment manager is an athletics professional who is responsible for making sure that all equipment fits the players on an athletic team so that they are fully protected. This individual also might be responsible for ordering new equipment and preparing equipment for travel. To become an equipment manager, your first step should be to get involved working on athletic teams while in high school or college. While playing a sport may not be necessary for an individual who would like to gain employment in this position, this experience can help you to better understand the needs of athletes.

If you have aspirations to become an equipment manager for a professional sports team, you should start off small. As in any career, an aspiring equipment manager should get years of experience learning skills that pertain to his or her profession. It might even be necessary to take a volunteer equipment manager position that does not pay.

To become an equipment manager, you should identify the sport you would like to work in. For many people, this is a decision that does not require much consideration. They may find that their interests in sports emerge at a very early age. For others, the problem might be that they like watching and playing several different games. When this is the case, you should try to get involved with a sport that is played in your area.


It can be important to join a professional organization, since this kind of group can put you in touch with established professionals who can help you find work and give you tips for improving your resume. Some of these groups, such as the Athletic Equipment Managers' Association in the United States, offer professional certification. To earn this certification, you need to take a number of courses and have years of experience.

Many equipment managers find positions in high schools, colleges, and other educational institutions, since these establishments tend to fund and house sports teams. Regardless of your long term goals, you might want to find a position in one of these institutions. This means that you should pursue a degree in physical fitness or in a similar field since this can make you a more desirable job candidate.

If you are simply a sports enthusiast who would like to become an equipment manager and you have no career aspirations as an equipment manager, you should get involved in local athletics. Visit local community centers to find out if positions are available. Your place of work might even sponsor sports teams in which you can get involved.


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