How do I Become an Entertainment Manager?

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If you want to become an entertainment manager, you'll need to be very knowledgeable in various aspects of the entertainment business. Depending upon what area of entertainment you are interested in, read the publications and websites devoted to the business of the entertainment industry. For instance, if you want to become an entertainment manager in the music industry, read publications such as Billboard magazine. If you're in college, choose a course in business management. Enroll in programs that focus on entertainment management.

To become an entertainment manager, you should not limit yourself to one area of expertise. It's in your best interest to educate yourself in areas such as sales and marketing, as well as personal service. Take courses or enroll in programs on communications and media. A course in fine arts will help you as well. Clerical skills will be an advantage, so brush up on computer programming and file management.

While you are in college, choose an undergraduate program in entertainment business management. There are specific programs dedicated to music and drama. If you are uncertain of which you'd like to pursue, become well versed in all aspects of the entertainment field.

Assuming you are interested in managing a rock band, you might consider earning a bachelor's degree in music management. As you continue your education, a good idea would be to contact your local radio station. An internship program may give you the exposure you need for the future.


To become an entertainment manager for an actor, you will need good communication skills. You can also contact a local actor's union to gain more information. The screen actor's guild is another agency that you will eventually need to be associated with if you want to be taken seriously.

To gain more insight on how the entertainment business runs, visit your local library. You may find books written by various talent agents and business managers who have handled the careers of famous celebrities. Seek advice and pointers from any source you may find. Also, attend screenings, plays, and productions to get a good feel for what the business is all about.

Hands-on experience is an advantage. Inquire about work opportunities from agencies that deal with entertainment management. You might have to work your way up to a desired position, but you'll gain experience from any exposure you can get.

When you have gained sufficient knowledge, put in a few applications to talent and entertainment agencies. Don't get discouraged if you do not get call backs right away. You might not land the position you desire at first, but with a little luck, determination, and effort, you will eventually be able to get your foot in the door.


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