How Do I Become an EMS Instructor?

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Emergency Medical Services (EMS) are any medical services that are provided to patients in need of urgent care. EMS professionals may include ambulance drivers, paramedics, and emergency medical technicians (EMTs). Physicians and Registered Nurses (RNs) may also be considered EMS providers if they care for patients who require immediate help. An EMS instructor is a professional who teaches courses to aspiring EMS professionals. To become an EMS instructor, it can first can important to determine what certification are required to practice in your region, and to make sure that you have the proper qualifications to take necessary certification courses.

The requirements to become an EMS instructor vary from region to region. In most areas, individuals need to earn certification by taking a number of courses that train aspiring EMS professionals. Likewise, undergraduate and graduate degrees, as well as other certification may be necessary to begin an EMS instructor education.

Some common prerequisites to become an EMS instructor are RN certification, EMT certification, First Responder certification, or Physician Assistant (PA) certification. While each of these certifications requires different levels of education, each does require that individuals take a number of courses after earning a high school diploma. In most cases, aspiring EMS professionals must also take proficiency exams.


In different areas, there are different levels of EMS instructor certification. For example, in some place you can earn an EMS Assistant Instructor certification, which requires the minimum amount of instructor education, or a Physician as EMS Instructor certification, which may require the maximum amount of education. After determining which kind of EMS instructor you are qualified to become, you can choose a program that works best for your needs.

A number of different training methods exist for an individual who wants to become an EMS instructor. Online courses can be a great option for students who work full time and who wish to save money. These courses are often flexible since they do not meet at certain times. They also allow students to earn money while they attend since they are not full time and do not require attendees to move to different locations. Individuals who find it easier to learn in a more disciplined setting can enroll in conventional courses at an education institution that is easy to access.

Most EMS instructor programs do, however, require that students have a set number of hours teaching EMS classes. These experiences are normally supervised by a certified instructor. Students may also be required to pass a set of proficiency exams regarding related skills and instructor knowledge.


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