How Do I Become an Emergency Care Assistant?

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An emergency care assistant, sometimes referred to as an emergency care support worker, is a position commonly found in the United Kingdom. The positions are typically hired at ambulance service providers and hospitals, and job requirements may vary slightly, depending on the employer. One of the primary duties of the emergency care assistant, regardless of his place of employment, is driving an ambulance — as such, a candidate must learn how to drive the emergency vehicle and have a clear understanding of the laws of the road. In addition, an individual aspiring to become an emergency care assistant must have a well-rounded educational background and a clean criminal record. No specific education is required, but after being hired, a new emergency care assistant can expect to attend an on-the-job multi-week training program.

Employers generally expect a candidate who wants to become an emergency care assistant to have a basic, well-rounded education. The person should complete courses in both English and mathematics, for instance, and earn a high school diploma or its equivalent. In addition, many employers prefer to hire candidates who have some experience in and knowledge of the basics in first aid.


A person who wants to become an emergency care assistant also should have a nearly flawless driving record. Driving an ambulance normally is included in an emergency care assistant's job duties, and employers will expect him to have a current understanding of the laws that govern driving on the road. In some cases, he may be asked to study and test for a specialized license as well.

After a person submits a resume to a potential employer, he may be asked for references. Typically, he must also supply his current and past employment records, covering a span of several years. If an employer thinks a candidate is qualified, he may be invited for an interview. During the interview, the employer will usually ask questions to discover whether the person pays attention to details and whether he is comfortable around all types of people, regardless of economic background, race, religion, or other factors.

Once a qualified person is hired, the next step to become an emergency care assistant is to participate in a multi-week training program. During the training classes, the new hire will generally learn valuable skills, such as basic techniques for life support and first aid. In addition, the person will often learn how to properly transport and transfer patients. In most cases, he will receive ambulance driving training as well.


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