How Do I Become an Email Marketing Specialist?

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An email marketing specialist is responsible for creating, disseminating and tracking email campaigns for a business, company or organization. Since email has become one of the most popular marketing tools for businesses because of its effectiveness and efficiency, when you become an email marketing specialist, you also become a valuable asset to the marketing efforts of the organization.

Because email marketing is but one type of marketing, one of the best ways to become an email marketing specialist is to have complete and full understanding of marketing. Generally, this marketing expertise comes from earning or possessing a marketing or communications degree. You may also have work experience working in marketing or communications.

Once you have the basic rules of marketing down, to become an email marketing specialist, you must learn how these rules apply specifically to the medium of email. One way to do this is to take a course or classes in email marketing. These classes are offered online, at local community colleges and universities or even through marketing coaching sessions with professional marketers.


Next, you will want to find the email marketing experts and professionals that are out on the Internet, have authored books and are well known in the industry. Buy their books, find their websites, subscribe to their blogs and read any information that these experts put out on the latest trends in email marketing. If the marketing professionals offer online newsletters, subscribe to receive these newsletters and read every word each time it lands in your email inbox.

Join a professional organization for marketing professionals. Attend meetings and interact with their marketing professionals to find out what is and is not working in their own email marketing efforts. There are even professional organizations and membership groups online and offline that are specifically for email marketing professionals.

Social media networks are another great place to garner information to become an email marketing specialist. Follow all of the top email marketers and marketing companies on the social networks. Monitor the conversations that are taking place and even ask questions. Other email marketing specialists are more than willing to share their experiences, offer advice and help fellow professionals share in their successes and avoid their failures.

Continue to take at least one course or attend one seminar each year. The rules of email marketing seem to be constantly changing. If you keep up with these changes, then you can remain on the cutting edge of what is happening in the world of email marketing.


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