How do I Become an Electronic Service Technician?

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Electronic service technicians maintain and repair a wide range of equipment, such as stereos, home appliances, security systems, bio-medical equipment and more, for both consumers and businesses. They often travel in the field to their customers' locations to service equipment. To become an electronic service technician requires a minimum of a high school diploma. Some employers will provide on-the-job training to promising entry-level workers, but many prefer hiring electronic service technicians who have two-year college degrees. There also are organizations that offer certifications in the field to students and both beginning and experienced electronic service technicians.

If you want to become an electronic service technician, it is helpful to take high school computer, science and math courses. Also, take any electronics courses that your high school might offer. Language arts courses that develop reading, writing and speaking skills also are important if you want to become an electronic service technician.

You can find college programs to become an electronic service technician at community colleges and technical and vocational schools. School programs for electronic service technicians often focus on teaching the practical over the theoretical. Basic coursework typically will involve instruction in electronics fundamentals, circuitry and more. Some college programs help place students in electronics apprenticeships.


There are some professional organizations for the electronics field that offer student chapters, which can be valuable for networking, making possible mentoring contacts and furthering your knowledge. Some of these organizations also offer certification in the field, which might be required by some employers and can make you more marketable even if it isn't required. A couple of examples of organizations that offer certifications are the Electronics Technicians Association International (ETA International) and the International Society of Certified Electronics Technicians (ISCET).

ETA International provides more than 50 types of certification. Levels of certifications in electronics technology range from high school level to master level. The organization also offers certification in specialty fields such as biomedical, smart home systems, consumer electronics, photovoltaic energy and more. ISCET provides certification programs in electronics technology from associate to journeyman levels. It also offers certification for technicians to work on major home appliances, multimedia systems and more.

Characteristics that are important for electronic service technicians include good vision to work with small, intricate parts and good hand-eye coordination. Strong analytical and trouble-shooting abilities are necessary for this career. If your job includes traveling to customers' locations, a driver's license might be required. A professional appearance and excellent communication skills also are necessary, especially for electronic service technicians who work in the field.


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