How do I Become an Electrical Technician?

An electrical technician is a person who works to maintain electrical systems in buildings and within a wide variety of electrical equipment. A person who wants to become an electrical technician usually needs a good understanding of the workings of electrical equipment. The manner in which a person may obtains this knowledge may vary, depending on the jurisdiction in which the person plans to work. In many places, however, an individual who wants to become an electrical technician needs one to two years of training. This training may be obtained from a community college or vocational school or even through an apprenticeship. In some areas, a technician may be required to pass certification exams as well.

An electrical technician usually has the job of maintaining, testing, diagnosing, and repairing electrical equipment and systems. In some cases, a person in this field may even help with the designing, manufacturing, and assembly of electrical equipment. Often, an electrical technician performs his work under the supervision of an electrical engineer. The exact job description of a person in this position often depends on where he works. Some people with this title work for power companies, while others work with electrical equipment in a range of other locations, including schools, railroads, manufacturing companies, and even military establishments.


A person who wants to become an electrical technician usually completes high school in preparation for this career. In most places a general educational development (GED) diploma or a jurisdiction-approved equivalent may be considered acceptable as well. Besides a high-school-level education, a person who wants to become an electrical technician may need one to two years of training in an electronics program. Typically, these programs are available from vocational schools and community colleges. An individual interested in this field may also seek apprenticeship training as preparation for this job.

Often, the programs an aspiring electrical technician may take lead to a credential in electronics. For example, some vocational schools or community college programs may lead to certification in the field or associate’s degrees in electronics. Some people may also beef up their knowledge of electronics by delving into a related hobby. For instance, a person interested in this field may take up robotics as a hobby or automotive electronics. While such a hobby isn’t critical to securing a job, this kind of knowledge may prove impressive to potential employers.

Once a person has gained the necessary knowledge to become an electrical technician, he may have many places to which he can apply for a job. He may, for example, put in an application with his local power company. He may also find employment at a factory or within a school system. Additionally, an individual interested in this field may seek employment with a transportation company, automotive business, hotel, or even an apartment complex.


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