How Do I Become an Electrical Design Engineer?

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A bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering is almost always required in order for you to become an electrical design engineer. In addition to a degree, in the United States and many other geographical locations, you must also obtain the appropriate licensure to practice your services. To obtain licensure, two different exams must be taken and passed. Critical thinking and troubleshooting skills are vital when wanting to become this type of engineer, as well as in-depth knowledge in relation to telecommunications. Many engineering corporations provide on-the-job training, and some will even reimburse tuition costs if you seek education to become an electrical design engineer.

Most likely, it will take you about four to five years to complete the necessary schooling it takes to become an electrical design engineer. During your first couple years of school, the courses you complete will focus on engineering basics, as well as social sciences, mathematics, and more. Since you are specializing in design engineering, the last couple of years of your schooling will concentrate on electrical design topics. There are several educational programs in which you can take part that will allow you to attain an electrical engineering apprenticeship, which is often preferred by some employers, so be sure to identify which types of programs you need to complete.


There are many skills that you must perfect in order to become an electrical design engineer. You must be proficient at working with different types of desktop applications, especially tools found within modeling software programs. Since technology is always changing, your technology design knowledge must continually be updated, as this will help you to generate and/or adapt to different equipment that becomes available for you to use in your daily duties. Many times, this type of engineer is in charge of a team of engineers, so your leadership skills should be excellent as well.

When performing services in the United States, you must obtain licensure for the state in which you will be working. In order to obtain your licensure, you must finish your engineering bachelor’s program and pass the Fundamentals of Engineering exam. You will then obtain on-the-job training and be required to pass the Principles and Practice of Engineering exam. Depending on the state through which you are employed, you may be required to regularly continue your education in order to maintain licensure, so check to see what your exact local requirements are.

The best way to obtain on-the-job training is to check for open job positions in engineering or electrical corporations in your local area. Since there is a high demand for people wanting to become an electrical design engineer, you will find it easy to gain employment through a corporation that will reimburse your tuition after completing an electrical engineering degree program. Most times, all you have to do is agree to work for the employer for a certain number of years after graduating.


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