How Do I Become an Auditing Clerk?

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A desire for a stable position working with numbers is a main requirement to become an auditing clerk. Auditing clerks are in charge of reviewing employee transactions within a company, so organizational skills and an eye for detail are needed. Education and training in the areas of accounting, bookkeeping or auditing can help you succeed and find a job in the field. A college degree is not necessarily required but is looked highly upon by potential employers. There are ways to become an auditing clerk in many industries because finance and bookkeeping is everywhere within business.

Individuals who desire to become an auditing clerk should have personality characteristics that suit the auditing profession. This includes being extremely organized, as disorganization can lead to mistakes that could cost a company a lot of money and possibly get them into legal trouble. Other personality attributes include having a good eye for detail, which means being able to notice the little things, and good communication skills. An auditing clerk needs to be able to speak with his or her manager about any problems that arise as well as point out mistakes in expenditures to upper-level management.


It is possible to become an auditing clerk without obtaining a college degree, but employers generally favor those who have at least an associate's in bookkeeping or accounting. A four-year degree allows students to go more in depth in the areas of accounting and auditing, which can be helpful after graduation. Graduating with a bachelor's degree would also enable an auditing clerk to move to the position of auditor after gaining some useful experience as a clerk. Those with a graduate degree in accounting would generally skip working as an auditing clerk and move straight into the position of auditor.

There are many opportunities for potential auditing clerks to find jobs. Every large business has an accounting department or accounting firm that helps them to stay organized, so those interested in the job should seek opportunities through the human resources departments. Another option is to apply directly to accounting firms that are looking for auditing clerks to assist them with reviewing transactions and expenditures. A good resume is needed to present to these companies that includes education, work experience, and skills that would help facilitate the job. If a company wants to interview you, it is important for individuals to dress professionally and highlight their strong points to help them become an auditing clerk.


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