How Do I Become an Assisted Living Administrator?

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If you want to become an assisted living administrator, you will first need to find out if the jurisdiction in which you wish to work requires assisted living administrators to be licensed or certified. If they are, you will need to take the steps necessary to successfully obtain the credentials that you need. If your jurisdiction does not require you to obtain a license or certification to become an assisted living administrator, you will still probably find that most assisted living communities want administrators to have experience working in an assisted living center or nursing facility. In addition to hands-on experience, employers may also expect you to have at least some university-level education along with strong administrative skills and the ability to understand and comply with regulations governing assisted living homes.


Some jurisdictions license assisted living administrators. The qualifications for licensure vary but may include the requirement that you complete a training program for assisted living administrators, have at least some college education, and have documented work experience in an assisted living facility or nursing home. As members of assisted living communities are often considered to be vulnerable to abuse and exploitation, you may also be required to undergo a background check, and a history of criminal convictions may disqualify you from licensure eligibility. Some jurisdictions will require you to take and pass a licensing exam. If you already hold licensure as a nursing home administrator, in some areas you may not be required to also obtain an assisted living administrator license.

Whether or not your jurisdiction requires licensure to become an assisted living administrator, you will almost always be expected to have job experience before applying for an administrative position. You may wish to try getting a job working as an aide in an assisted living facility or nursing home so that you can develop a better understanding of what it takes to properly run this kind of community. If you are in college, you may wish to take some courses in business administration and management. As many assisted living facilities are subject to a variety of government regulations, you may also want to develop an understanding of both the laws and regulations that govern them before you attempt to become an assisted living administrator. Finally, if you are working in an assisted living facility, you should make your supervisor or human resources department aware of the fact that you are interested in moving into administration so that they can help you in achieving your career goals.


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