How do I Become an Assistant Superintendent?

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The title of assistant superintendent applies to a variety of people but is most commonly applied to positions in education, golf course management, and construction. In most cases, the assistant superintendent assists the superintendent with his or her duties. The background and education needed to become an assistant superintendent depends on what field of work you are pursuing.

To become an assistant superintendent in education requires at the minimum a relevant bachelor's degree and background in education. You will likely need experience in the classroom as well as experience working as a school administrator. The assistant superintendent works to support the superintendent in a school district and encompasses a wide range of job responsibilities. The assistant superintendent works to improve and develop new curriculum, recruit qualified staff, and create and implement staff development.

The requirements needed to become an assistant golf course superintendent vary greatly with regards to education and experience. All applicants should have two to three years of supervisory and maintenance experience and the majority of assistant golf course superintendents are expected to have a degree. There are a variety of programs available for those wanting to become an assistant superintendent. There are two year certification programs for golf course management and associate's and bachelor's degrees in agronomy, turf grass management, or golf course management.


An assistant golf course superintendent is also expected to have extensive knowledge of turf and soil. Some of the assistant golf course superintendent's duties may include supervising maintenance workers, examining procedures to improve efficiency, and preparing and distributing work schedules. He or she may also assist with the management of equipment and materials.

Construction is another field in which you can become an assistant superintendent. Construction can include small scale projects like the building of a home, or larger projects like the construction of a building or highway. To become an assistant superintendent of construction, you primarily need field experience. You should have experience that involves multiple phases of building and can use experience as a contractor, inspector, engineer, superintendent, or architect as qualifications. Years of experience can be substituted with a degree in the following areas: architecture, engineering, or building construction.

As an assistant superintendent of construction, you will be expected to observe and monitor work progress and performance, as well as coordinate and supervise contractors and workers. In addition to these expectations, you may also need to ensure that architect drawings and specifications are closely followed. Assistant superintendents also often act as a go between with engineers and contractors, specify work schedules, and determine material needs for each building project.


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