How Do I Become an Army Recruiter?

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If you would like to become an army recruiter, you must first enlist in the army and achieve the rank of E-5 (sergeant). The position of recruiter is a volunteer position that will require you to submit a written request to your company commander or first sergeant if you are to become an army recruiter. If selected to become an army recruiter in the United States, you will be required to pass the recruiter training program at Fort Jackson in Columbia, South Carolina. Following the successful completion of the recruiter training program, you will need to complete a six-month program designed to hone your recruitment skills.

Once you become an army recruiter, you will be responsible for gathering qualified individuals to enlist in the army. This is a task that can be very challenging and typically consists of very long working hours. While there are occasionally recruiters with ranks as low as E-4 or specialist fourth class, you will typically be required to hold the rank of E-5 or sergeant to E-7 sergeant first class in order to be accepted into the recruitment field. You will also be required to volunteer at your company commander's office and then be accepted into the recruitment force.


Upon being accepted to become an army recruiter, you will be tested. You must achieve a certain score in order to continue on your journey to become an army recruiter. If accepted as a United States Army recruiter, you will be transferred to Fort Jackson in Columbia, South Carolina where you will be required to complete a 53-day recruiter training program. This program consists of five components: introduction to recruiting, management and eligibility along with prospecting and sales techniques and communication skills. All of this training is intended to help the recruiter sell prospective enlistees on the military life.

Some of the requirements of a recruiter are financial stability, good marital relationship and the recruiter cannot be a single parent. You must have a very wholesome and reputable background in order to represent the army to prospective enlistees. This includes no distasteful tattoos, good physical health and conditioning and a good driving record. When you complete the 53-day training course, you will be required to complete a six-month period of sharpening your recruitment skills. In order to meet your recruitment goals, you will commonly be required to work six, 12-hour work days every week.


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