How Do I Become an Appraiser Trainee?

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To become an appraiser trainee, you will need to comply with the law governing the practice of appraisal in the jurisdiction where you live, which can differ significantly based on the types of property that you will be appraising. If you will be appraising personal property, you may be able to become an appraiser trainee by apprenticing with a seasoned appraiser. You may also benefit from completing a formal training program offered by industry specialists or professional organizations that serve appraisers in your area of interest. The laws governing real estate appraisers tend to be much more strict, however, and in the United States you will need to complete your state’s requirements to become an appraiser trainee, which typically involve finding a local appraiser to supervise you, completing a training course, and in some cases taking a licensing exam.


If you are interested in becoming an appraiser of personal property, such as books, jewelry, or other valuables and collectibles, your best bet to become an appraiser trainee is to approach an insurance firm, government agency, or independent appraiser about a trainee position. During the training process, you can become familiar with the types of property that you are appraising and may also have the opportunity to attend professional training workshops and continuing education programs that can provide you with additional expertise in appraising property. Some supervising businesses and agencies may require you to hold an associate’s or even a bachelor’s degree before you can begin training. Government agencies that are hiring trainee appraisers for determining the taxable value of property may be more strict about your formal educational credentials than private appraisers.

The process to be licensed or recognized as a real estate appraiser trainee can be much more complex. Each country has its own laws and regulations for the training and licensing of real estate appraisers, and these regulations usually require a combination of education and experience prior to allowing someone to be licensed as an independent real estate appraiser. To become an appraiser trainee in the United States, you will first need to find out your own state’s licensing requirements. In some cases, you may be required to find an appraiser who is willing to act as your training supervisor before you begin a formal education program. In other places, you can begin by taking a course in real estate appraisal and then finding a supervisor who will be willing to take responsibility for your work.


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