How do I Become an Anthropologist?

Klaus Strasser

To become an anthropologist you generally need to earn a degree in anthropology. This means that you will have to attend a university or college program that offers accreditation in the field. To increase your chances of landing a job, it can be a good idea to consider studying at the best university or college possible, as this will provide you with the necessary experience, education, and training to become an anthropologist.

An anthropologist may study human behavior.
An anthropologist may study human behavior.

Anthropology generally refers to the study of human beings. Anthropologists examine a wide range of questions, ranging from the behavior of humans to the very question of what defines a human being. For example, anthropologists may study the physical anatomy of human beings, or their cultural practices. Some of the types of anthropology are cultural anthropology, social anthropology, and economic anthropology. The term anthropology is derived from the Greek words anthropos, which means man, and logos, which means discourse or word.

Anthropologists may study human physical anatomy.
Anthropologists may study human physical anatomy.

It is important to examine the different types of anthropology programs offered by various academic institutions. Since, to become an anthropologist you will need to complete college courses, choosing the right school is a crucial part of your decision. Selecting a school with a good anthropology program and a history of excellence in the field can increase your chances of realizing your dream.

When choosing a school, you may want to study the biographies of the faculty members and instructors. This can help you decide if a particular program is right for you. For example, the anthropology department page on most university websites usually contains biographies of instructors and researchers on staff. These biographies generally include specific research interests, which may correspond to your own.

Since anthropology is a diverse field, it can be important to know which branch of anthropology you want to study. For this reason, it may be a good idea to start with some basic anthropology courses. This will familiarize you with the field, as well as some of its key concepts and subdisciplines.

Reading books on anthropology can help you become familiar with the field and provide you with a solid foundation that will help you become an anthropologist. There are many seminal texts in the history of anthropology. Some of the most important anthropologists include Franz Boas and Claude Levi-Strauss. Most of the famous names in the history of the field developed their own theories of anthropology, which emphasize certain key concepts in their research. It can be a good idea to familiarize yourself with these concepts, as this may help you develop your own specific approach to the discipline.

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