How Do I Become an Airport Manager?

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A person who is interested in becoming an airport manager should begin by completing the requirements for an undergraduate degree. Some people working in this field study airport management in university, but it is possible to qualify for a position with a background in business or public relations. Along with a degree, a person who wants to be responsible for running an airport will need to have a number of years of work experience before stepping into this role.

An airport is a unique type of business. The person who wants to become an airport manager needs to understand that the work involves being in charge of running it must be well versed in the applicable regulations and have the skills necessary to deal with issues involving airlines and tenants who are occupying space at the airport. An individual who wants to become an airport manager must have good analytical and communication skills to be able to assess a situation and determine the best course of action when responding to requests from airport users.

People who know that working in a management position in the aviation industry is their dream can start the process of getting the education they need by majoring in airport management. This degree program includes general education and business courses. Students enrolled in this program also take courses in aviation law, safety, planning and administration as part of their degree requirements.


Completing a degree in business or public relations can also help someone prepare for a degree in aviation. A general business program includes fundamentals which can be applied to a number of work environments, and includes courses in human resources, accounting, law and communications. Studying public relations can help someone who wants to become an airport manager, since this major includes courses focusing on promotion and building relationships with others.

After graduation, the next step for a person who wants to become an airport manager is to get experience in the field. A good place to start is by investigating employment opportunities at local airports. Working for one of these employers can help the future airport manager to apply what he or she has learned in school in practical ways. A smaller airport may also provide more flexibility in job duties, and these accomplishments should be listed on a resume when looking for the next career opportunity.


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