How do I Become an Air Force Officer?

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There are various roads you may take to become a United States Air Force officer, and the procedure you'll have to follow depends on your background and future goals. There are different procedures to follow for someone who is just starting college versus someone who has earned a degree. Likewise, there are different requirements you will have to meet if you have enlisted in the Air Force and later decide that you want to become an officer. In general, however, you will have to pass a qualifying test, secure education, and complete officer training to become an Air Force officer. Additionally, you'll have to meet the eligibility requirements for the commission path you choose as well as the criteria for entering the Air Force.

One way to become an Air Force officer is through an Air Force Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC) program. This program provides funding for aspiring officers to earn a college education and prepares them for serving in the Air Force once they've earned their degrees. This program even provides an allowance for those who are accepted. If you want to become an Air Force officer through the ROTC, you'll take classes and earn your degree just like other students do. You'll also take ROTC classes, receive required training, and participate in Leadership Lab, which is a program intended to help aspiring officers develop leadership skills.


Another way you can become an Air Force officer is through the Air Force Academy. After being nominated by a congressman, senator, or the United States Vice President, and being accepted into the Air Force Academy, you'll receive the education and training you need to become an Air Force officer. Like most bachelor's degree programs at colleges and universities, the Air Force Academy program lasts for four years.

Many people who want to become Air Force officers do so through officer training school. This involves completing 12 weeks of training that is intended to provide both mental and physical preparation for a career as an Air Force officer. If you choose this path, you'll participate in physical training, military life training, and Air Force classes. Typically, those who want to attend Officer Training School have to earn college degrees in preparation, but you may gain entry after enlisting as well, even if you did not have a degree when you enlisted.

Each path for becoming an Air Force officer has unique age requirements you'll have to meet. Besides these requirements, you'll have to meet the criteria for entering the Air Force, some of which are physical. You may learn about the specific requirements by speaking with an Air Force recruiter or visiting the official Air Force website.


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