How do I Become an Advertising Manager?

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Advertising managers have responsibility for all aspects of advertising within a business or organization. Advertisement management work might entail tasks such as participating in the creation of advertisements, budgeting, and providing leadership for advertising workers. It might also entail generating business ideas for the organization, deciding the best way to initiate advertising efforts, and evaluating past and present advertising efforts.

Earning a college degree in business with a specialization in marketing is recommended for anyone wanting to become an advertising manager. The degree in business will include courses such as marketing methods, advertisement placement, or business strategy. These courses will give you an initial exposure to topics you will address during your first years on the job and also in graduate school.

Also, doing a college internship in an advertising agency can be helpful if you want to become an advertising manager. One reason that internships are useful are that internships supplement classroom learning with real-world experience. Also, internships give you an opportunity to make career connections or network with individuals who can help you find your first job in advertising and help give you advice about how to pursue the advertising business.


Generally, you will start looking for a job in advertising during the last semester of college. The career services department at your school can typically help you in your attempt to find your first job. Doing an online job search yourself is also a strategy that you could implement in finding your first advertising job.

The first two years of work will serve as an introduction to the field of advertising. After two years, you could begin to look for a post-graduate educational program. Typically, the Master of Business Administration (MBA) with specialization in marketing is recommended for anyone who wants to become an advertising manager. The MBA courses are relevant to marketing, advertising, and management and these courses will give you the necessary knowledge to become an advertising manager.

If you want to become an advertising manager, keep in mind that it is helpful to have good communications ability. In other words, it is helpful if you can talk and write well. For instance, you must communicate with staff workers, prospective clients, and people in the community in ways that are advantageous and profitable to the advertising agency you work in.

Also, being able to be creative and work well under pressure is important because the process of developing effective advertisements that increase clients' profits can be stressful. Companies spend a lot of money in their advertising efforts. Advertising managers are paid for positive results. If the advertising manager is not successful in generating the right advertising, the client's products may not sell and that means loss of substantial income for clients. Thus, it is important for the advertising manager to work well under pressure.


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