How Do I Become an Admissions Counselor?

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Choosing to become an admissions counselor can lead to a rewarding, lifelong career in education. By helping a school find the best and most interesting students, an admissions counselor can contribute to the character, image, and success of his or her school. In order to become an admissions counselor, a person will need to obtain appropriate education, look for training opportunities, and find the right job at the right school.

While there is no specific educational path needed to become an admissions counselor, certain majors may help boost an initial career. After obtaining a high school diploma or equivalent certificate, consider majoring in a subject that might be useful for an educational administrator, such as business, sociology, psychology, or secondary education. While a bachelor's degree may be sufficient to become an admissions counselor, career advancement may be easier and faster for those with a post-graduate degree as well.


One of the most important requirements needed to become an admissions counselor is practical experience. While in school, it may be helpful to find a job in the admissions office, in order to begin learning the parameters of the job. Work-study positions are often available to enrolled students, and can be a great way to earn a little extra money while simultaneously gaining important practical experience. For those not currently in school, positions in admissions are often available at local colleges for those with administrative or secretarial experience. Even working as an assistant or receptionist in the admissions office can be an excellent way to prepare for a future career as a counselor.

Once education and some training are obtained, searching for a job as an admissions counselor may become a priority. Requirements differ, but many schools require at least a year of experience in education administration or a similar field before considering an applicant qualified to become an admissions counselor. A good place to begin a job search is through an Internet employment website for educational professionals. These websites compile currently available or upcoming jobs from all over the world, and offer a great way to see the big picture of current opportunities, salary ranges, and job requirements.

Although it can be easy to simply focus on the salary and job requirements, learning about potential places of employment is a significant part of the journey to become an admissions counselor. Working at a school with an admirable history, tradition, and culture can lead to a more rewarding experience for a counselor. By spending some time finding the right school, a job seeker can help ensure that he or she is obtaining a fulfilling, exciting career, rather than just a regular job.


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